Future is transhumanism is dystopia – new web-series H+

The other week J and I started watching the first 16 episodes of an excellent new sifi web-series called H+.

Logo for new web-series H+

An international movement that supports the transforming of the human body and thereby the human condition through advanced technologies. This movement is often abbreviated as H+.

Created by Brian Singer, the basic premises is that a new technology, an implant, has been developed that can connect the human nervous system to the Internet.  Of course, like all new technology in science fiction from Frankenstein to Terminator to Fringe something goes wrong.  Naturally, there is the predictable soulless corporate conspiracy, a rebel alliance of old-school hackers (I think?), medical experiments gone hideous and a surviving group of ordinary citizens who team up to fight the power and save humanity.  Yes, this little beauty has everything we love about dystopian technological science fiction thrillers, and 16 great little episodes in it is very, very well written! (The total number of episodes will be 48.)

Alexis Denisof in new web-series H+

Alexis Denisof stars in H+

Because it is already freely available on the Internet I won’t spoil it. Go watch it!

This is what web-series storytelling can be at its best.  Web-series are very different beasts to other types of writing.  A few minutes of story parcelled out at a time, in this case once a week.  Singer has opted to cut the story up and present it like a jigsaw puzzle that the viewers have to try and put back together. It’s a complex story with multiple characters, events and locations within  around three hours of total screen time.  However, because the opening episode only has a few minutes it has to jump right into the middle of the action and create a cliff-hanger. H+ gets the balance right between what the audience already knows, needs to know and what still needs to be untold from episode to episode.   The audience still has to be able to follow the story, but there needs to be enough tension within each few minutes to justify an episode. It is a tough balancing act, but Singer pulls it off.

Start watching, now.

Episode One

Keep watching from Episode 2.  (Link to all episodes uploaded so far.)


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