I challenge you to watch this without smiling …

I’m sure everyone has seen this by now, but just in case …

It came out today. Same people who made Robot Chicken. This is a new series for the Cartoon Network. Apparently, the usual hand wringers are crying in anguish, but seriously … ? You have seen Star Wars, right?


Om Bill to walk 300k – Port Augusta to Adelaide

A few days ago this arrived in my in box – Om Bill to walk 300k – Port Augusta to Adelaide. And no, you did not read that wrong.  This is the email he sent me!

Hi Gang,

Yep, believe it or not, I am going to walk 300k  (actually 325k I think) – from Port Augusta to Adelaide next month.  We start on 16 Sept and reach Adelaide 2 weeks later. The reason behind the walk is to promote to idea of Australia’s first solar thermal power plant – at Port Augusta. The web page below has the details.

You can:

  1. Join me
  2. Sponsor me
  3. Sign the petition
  4. All or none of the above or some other combo thereof.

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Update – Vincent Ward Artist

This was my last post about Ward’s amazing new exhibition in China.

There was a short news story on 3News that gives a really good close up of different aspects of the work and Ward talks about his intentions for the pieces.

Artist’s impression of how the same piece will look in the exhibition space in Shanghai. The architecture of the space couldn’t be more perfect given the theme of Ward’s work over the decades.

You can watch the story here.

(Sorry about the ad that will play first, but it is worth watching the story.)

DESTINIES LOST + FOUND: Vincent Ward Shanghai Biennale

Piece for the exhibition; it will be moving film (as shown in the video on the Kickstarter page).

Vincent Ward has a rare and amazing mind. Now, he has an exhibition of moving art pieces he wants to exhibit in Shanghai. Trying to use words in relation to Ward’s work is futile – the images ‘speak’ for themselves. Most of the usual suspects who fund New Zealand artists aren’t interested in this project. I’m not sure why, as it looks absolutely stunning.

The full story is on Kickstarter.  These images are borrowed from the Kickstarter page. I backed the project because I want to see it succeed and I really want the poster. It would be a huge shame if this project didn’t happen.

Watch the video on Kickstarter for snippets of his work to get a sense of how beautiful it is;  looks like it will be even more amazing in the exhibition space.

Artist’s impression of how the same piece will look in the exhibition space in Shanghai. The architecture of the space couldn’t be more perfect given the theme of Ward’s work over the decades.

Go here to learn more.

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Do we really want to go into space?

Moon people going about their day from an article in the Sun newspaper (1835) inspired by astronomical research and Dick’s speculations
For more on the great moon hoax see: http://www.neatorama.com/2011/04/25/the-great-moon-hoax/

In 1823, the Right Reverend Thomas Dick, using the latest astronomical research and the Holy Scriptures, painstakingly figured out that there were 21,891,974,404,480 people living in our solar system. This rather remarkable discovery was published in his popular book The Christian Philosopher: The Connection of Science and Philosophy with Religion. This successful and seminal work enabled three very important things to happen. One, Dick was able to give up teaching. Two, the escalating war in Scotland between science and religion was diffused. And, three the idea of living in space was given legs; an idea which over the decades has learned to crawl, then walk, then run, until in our own day and age the idea is running so fast it’s become humankind’s inevitable destination – one day we’ll move off our little rock and out into the galaxy.

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This just made me smile. Some people are too cute for their own good!

Say KNOW Trivia


Are any of you as confused as I am about this whole “God particle” business? Well, hopefully after reading this particular poem by guest poster KC, the once strange Higgs boson will become your new best friend.

Whatever Color (An Ode to Higgs Boson)

Black, white
Yellow or blue
Whatever color
Higgs Boson is too

Higgs Boson comes soft
Higgs boson come hard
Higgs boson comes in packages
And sometimes comes jarred

Higgs Boson is an asshole
And also a nice guy
Higgs Boson are the wings
That lets Higgs get me high

At night I need the boson
To let me lie in bed
But it can only be the Higgs
No other boson can take its stead

Higgs boson is an “icle”
Of which God is part
Higgs boson is the Louvre
And pieces of shitty art

If you ever met Higgs boson
He would shake your…

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Smash, mash and burn – radio ducks, vampires, video game penises, earworms and dancing Nazis.

Remix video was around long before there was video, but I’ve only started looking at it seriously in the past few months. I’ve been searching out video and reading blogs about how and why they get made.
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