Nobody tosses a dwarf – Rewatching The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition)

Tuesday, we took a break from Firefly to finish watching LOTR – The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition), as we’d started rewatching it the other weekend. (Missed Firefly last week as J was out of town.)

It is hard to know what to say about these films that hasn’t already been said. One of the reasons for rewatching the films this year is in preparation for The Hobbit.  As I am very deliberately not reading the Hobbit until after I have seen the films, to create as little dissonance as possible, I have started reading The Lord of the Rings again.

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DESTINIES LOST + FOUND: Vincent Ward Shanghai Biennale

Piece for the exhibition; it will be moving film (as shown in the video on the Kickstarter page).

Vincent Ward has a rare and amazing mind. Now, he has an exhibition of moving art pieces he wants to exhibit in Shanghai. Trying to use words in relation to Ward’s work is futile – the images ‘speak’ for themselves. Most of the usual suspects who fund New Zealand artists aren’t interested in this project. I’m not sure why, as it looks absolutely stunning.

The full story is on Kickstarter.  These images are borrowed from the Kickstarter page. I backed the project because I want to see it succeed and I really want the poster. It would be a huge shame if this project didn’t happen.

Watch the video on Kickstarter for snippets of his work to get a sense of how beautiful it is;  looks like it will be even more amazing in the exhibition space.

Artist’s impression of how the same piece will look in the exhibition space in Shanghai. The architecture of the space couldn’t be more perfect given the theme of Ward’s work over the decades.

Go here to learn more.

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He awoke – and wanted Mars

This blog was posted on Freshly Pressed. [What it has to say is pretty interesting.]

It reminded me how great that story is and made we want to read it again, which thanks to the Internet took 30 seconds to find. I want to read more of his stories again – now. He was such an original writer and thinker.

Read the story here: We can remember it for you wholesale

Image sourced from:  – World’s Best Science Fiction 1967  – We Can Remember it for you Wholesale by Jack Gaughan (original cover artist)


It’s pretty topical considering they have remade Total Recall, which I am curious to see, I think? Trailer looks like lots of action, anyway.